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Procedures in Medicine 2007 2007

Procedures in Medicine 2007 2007

Procedures in Medicine 2007 Publisher's Description

A complete compendium of primary care and some subspecialty medical procedures.
This is an iSilo file at 1,934kb (1.9MB) with multiple cross references and hyperlinks for fast navigation.

Step-by step instructions with interpretations of the findings.
? This text contains numerous illustrations and is fully referenced.
? No other text on the market provides such a collection of succinct and clinically relevant material that can be accessed at the bedside.
? Note: similar texts selling for 5X as much, why pay paper prices for electronic texts!
The free DEMO contains the basic layout with live links to each chapter and sublinks to 1-2 topics per chapter.

Over 240 Step-by-step Procedures Included:
Abscess I&D, Abd X-ray Analysis, ACLS / BLS, Acid Fast Stain, ACTH Stimulation Test, Acute Urinary , Retention, Alcohol withdrawal, Allergy: Skin Testing, Alternating Cover Test, Ambulatory BP Monitoring, Anesthesia (topical and local), Ankle Dislocation, Ankle Joint Injection, Anoscopy, Aortic Balloon Pump, Apt test, Arterial Blood Gas (ABG), ATLS, Automated External Defibrillator (AED), Bartholin Gland I&D, Basic Wound Care, Biceps Tendonitis, Biological & Chemical Weapons, Blood Cx, Bladder Tap, BM Sampling, Breast Exam, Botox Injections, Canalith Repositioning, Cardiac "Clearance", Cardioversion, Carpal Tunnel Injection, Cauliflower Ear, Central Lines, Chalazion Excision, Chest Tube, CXR Analysis, Colposcopy, Compartment Pressure Measuring, Costochondritis, Cricothyroidotomy, Cryosurgery, Culdocentesis, Curettage & Electrodesiccation, D&C, Defibrillation, De Quervain''s Wrist Injection , Dermatologic, Dermabond, Dermatophyte Test Medium (DTM), Dexamethasone Suppression Test, Dialysis, Dislocated Knee, Dislocated Mandible, Ear Fb, Ear Lac, ECG Interpretation, Elbow Dislocation, Electrosurgery, Emergency Airways, Endometrial Bx, Enteral Feeding, Epidermal cyst excision, Epistaxis, Esophageal Fb, Evacuation of Thrombosed Hemorrhoid, Excisional Bx, Exercise (Treadmill) Stress Test (EST), Extensor Tendon Repair, Extubation, Eyelid Fb, Fecal Occult Blood (FOB), Feeding Tubes, Femoral Artery Cath, Finger-Tip Repair, Fish Hooks, Flex Sig, FNA Breast, FNA Thyroid, Forearm Ischemic Test, Foreign Bodies, Four Cup, Ganglion Cyst, Grams Stain, Heat Stroke, Hepatojugular Reflux Test (HJR), Hernia, inguinal reduction, Hip Bursitis & Injections, Hypodermoclysis, Infertility Eval, Inguinal Hernia Reduction, Injections, Instruments and Sutures, Intercostal Anesthesia, Interosseous Infusions, Intra-aortic Balloon Pump (IABC), Intubation, Joint Aspiration & Injection, Jugular Venous Distension (JVD), Kidney Biopsy, Kleihauer-Betke Test, Knee Aspiration, Knee injection, KOH, Laryngeal Mask Airway, Lensometer, Lip Laceration, Lipoma Removal, Liver Bx, Lumbar Puncture, Maddox Rod Test, Mechanical Ventilation, Mental Status Exam, Myocardial Perfusion Study, Nasal Fb, Nasal Intubation, Nasogastric Tube (NGT), Needlestick Eval, Nose Bleeds, Nursemaids Elbow, Olecranon Bursa Aspiration, Oropharyngeal Fb, Osmotic Fragility Test, Pacer''s Transvenous & Transthoracic, PALS, Pap Smear, Paracentesis-abd, Paraphimosis Reduction, Peak Flow, Pelvic Exam, Penile Nerve Block, Pericardiocentesis, Perineal Laceration, Peritonsillar Abscess, Peri-operative Medical Management, Peripheral Parenteral Nutrition (PPN), Peripheral Smears, Peritoneal Lavage, Peritonsillar Abscess, Pilonidal Abscess, Plantar Fasciitis, Pleurodesis, Peri-operative Clearance, Pessary Fitting, PICC Line, Potassium Hydroxide (KOH), PPD Test, Priapism, Pulmonary Artery Cath, Pulmonary Function Testing (PFT''s), Pulse Pressure, Punch Bx, Rape Evaluation, Rectal & Vaginal Fb, Refraction, Retrograde Urethrogram/ Cystogram, Ring Removal, Schiotz Tonometry, Screening PPD, Sedation, Sengstaken-Blakemore Tube, Sexual Assault Eval, Shave Bx, Shoulder Injection, Shoulder Reduction Techniques, Skin cyst excision, Skin Testing, Slit Lamp, Splinting, Steroid Injection to joints, Stress Management, Stool Osmotic gap, Subacromial Injection, Subungual Splinter, Subungual Hematoma, Suturing Techniques, Synovial Fluid Eval, Swallowed Fb, Tenckhoff Catheter Placement, Tendon Repair, Terminal Pt & Withdrawing Care, The Slit Lamp Exam (SLE), Thoracentesis, Thoracotomy, Thrombolytics in AMI, Tonometry, Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN), Toxic Exposure Eval, Tracheostomy Placement and Care, Transvenous Pacer, Trigger Finger, Trigger Point Injections, Tympanocentesis, Tzanck Prep, Umbilical Lines, Unna Boot, Urinary Catheter, Urinalysis & Sediment, U/s Guided Lines, Vagal Maneuvers, Valsalva Maneuver, Varicose Veins, Vascular Access, Vasectomy, Venous Cutdown, Venous Waveforms, Violent Pt''s, Viscosupplementation of Knee, Wedge Resection of Toenail, Wound Débride, Wound Dressings, Woods Lamp, Wright Stain and many more. Our medical eBooks Homepage:

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